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Volume 10, Number 1, May 2014

 (pp. 1-60)

Special Issue on Supporting Urgent Basic Reading Skills in Children

Heikki Lyytinen and Ulla Richardson, Guest Editors

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Guest Editors' Introduction: Supporting Urgent Basic Reading Skills in Children in Africa and Around the World

Heikki Lyytinen & Ulla Richardson

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Original Articles:

The Role of Family on Pathways to Acquiring Early Reading Skills In Lusaka’s Low-Income Communities

Tamara Chansa-Kabali & Jari Westerholm

Abstract Full text (539 kB)

Promotion of Literacy in Sub-Saharan Africa: Goals and Prospects of CAPOLSA at the University of Zambia

Robert Serpell

Abstract Full text (401 kB)

The GraphoGame Method: The Theoretical and Methodological Background of the Technology-Enhanced Learning Environment for Learning to Read

Ulla Richardson & Heikki Lyytinen

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